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The Worlds First Cryptocurrency dedicated to the Education of Blockchain Technology

According to analysts, the creation of a blockchain in 2009 has laid the foundation for new technological revolution. They say that blockchain will change not only the industry of financial services but also all other spheres of business to unrecognizability over time.
Today the world was divided into 2 parts. The first part continues to fight on maintaining habitual lifestyle and with mistrust looks at new technologies. The second half is perplexed why still there are people who doubt that application of Blockchain can significantly improve many spheres of our life.
Every week in the world new scenarios of use of a blockchain appear: in one country test registration of the landed property, in others, banks are ready to open accounts in bitcoins, in the third, legalize cross-border bitcoin translations, or investigates possibilities of a blockchain in the fight against global warming. Even the company "Delivery of Pizza" has understood, has approved and has begun to accept for payment bitcoins.

And still, why the technology a blockchain draws attention? I allocate several key moments which will help you to understand what the basis the trust to this technology:

  • Transparency. The possibility of sharing and transparency of actions can't but attract the large commercial and government organizations tired of the "shadow" party of business.
  • Reliability. It is almost impossible to change or forge the records entered in the register a blockchain. This circumstance considerably reduces the probability of fraud and strengthens confidence in the authenticity of data.
  • Lack of a human factor. As I have already mentioned in the first point, a peer algorithm of reaching consensus, record, and verification of transactions happen is transparent also without the involvement of the third, fourth, fifth and tenth parties. It helps to avoid undesirable mistakes, additional expenses, and the general working difficulties.
  • Interaction. Thanks to a blockchain, completion of one operation can automatically start initialization of others. It allows different participants to be involved without excess risk in transactions with multiple dependencies or in the transactions started by other parties;
  • Safety. The system a blockchain ensures safety and confidentiality of transactions for 100%. It is reached by basing it on the protocol which uses cryptography system with open and closed by keys. Participants can create open public registers or the controlled closed blockchains, use of which will be limited to a certain circle of people.
    Thanks to it, each year scope the blockchain growing like an avalanche: new startups, appear
    new technologies, and products on the basis of blockchain are started, even the largest world companies will be connected to a blockchain-race.

Despite the apparent importance of blockchain technology, firms are facing a serious problem getting qualified personnel that can work in their firms. Already there is a hiring crunch as many businesses try to find people with the qualifications to work on their blockchain platforms. Already, many professional firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KMPG are trying to get employees who can work in this area of expertise. They have slots for thousands of experts worldwide, but the number of qualified individuals is quite limited.
At the moment experts believe that there are only 20,000 blockchain developers with the necessary skills. As more companies adopt blockchain technology, more firms are looking for blockchain developers to help develop and maintain their platforms.
Since blockchain technology is an emerging technology, there are no colleges that provide a formal education. Most of those in the field are enthusiasts who already have a background in technology. However, anyone can become a blockchain engineer with the required skills. Before universities develop the comprehensive curriculum that can train students, there will be a gap in the impartation of knowledge on blockchains. Additionally, blockchain technology is ever evolving. New advancements are being created, new blockchain designs are being developed, and more applications are being discovered. Therefore, even those who are already in the blockchain field need to continually increase their knowledge base as new things are being developed.

Extra Credit is a platform that seeks to solve the lack of skilled talent in the blockchain industry by providing a platform where students of all ages can start learning about Cryptocurrency. The training offered simply an overview of blockchain technology with in-depth courses that put students on the track to become future blockchain engineers. The variety is important because students have different needs. Those in management who want to learn about how to work with blockchain based businesses can take simple courses geared towards blockchain for business while those who want to get skills in blockchain engineering follow a different set of courses.
I hope, you were convinced that a blockchain training, not a whim, but the urgent need.


BitcoinHomework: An Evolving Learning Portal

One famous expert has told that the blockchain is a technology 22 centuries which by accident has arisen in 21. The ahead of its time, the mankind should deal with a blockchain now and force him to work for itself.
Their mission with Extra Credit (XTRA) & BitcoinHomework is to provide a learning portal for people with varying levels of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. BitcoinHomework will be a hub for sharing ideas as well as learning about the many facets around cryptocurrencies. On the platform students both new, and experienced to cryptocurrency can engage in a rich, vibrant and ever-changing crypto learning community. That engagement will consist of online course subscriptions - some of which are free and/or sponsored (and free) from our industry partners, as well as participate in discussions and debates in our various chat rooms and forums.
Training a blockchain is a chance to be among the advanced experts in the technology of the future. Knowledge of bases of a blockchain will offer you broad commercial and career prospects will arm with knowledge which is possessed meanwhile only by units.

Community, Partners, Sponsors & Content Contributors

The landscape of crypto is ever-changing, their content will be updated by their content contributing partners, and the ability to up or down vote ensure their students are getting the most current learning information that is available. BitcoinHomework will engage with thousands of content contributors, pioneers and leaders in the crypto industry who will be considered their valued partners. All content contributions to BitcoinHomework will be rewarded through course commissions from the students who enroll in their paid courses.
Other earning opportunities and incentives will be implemented as students begin to enroll in their many online courses. They will also be working with industry partners such as cryptocurrency trading exchanges & hardware providers (cold wallet storage devices) and other such providers where their products and/or services can directly reach their desired audience who can learn about their products/services via approved training courses and enable the student to commit from an informed/educated position.
There will also be an online marketplace where approved vendors can sell their BitcoinHomework approved products for Extra Credit (XTRA) tokens that can be shipped worldwide.

The project possesses completely working platform of training cryptocurrencies. Investors will get exclusive access to the platform during the testing period and also other advantages of the added tokens, such as discounts for an exclusive course for the rest of life.

The aim project is to make BitcoinHomework the leading cryptocurrency learning resource in the world. With a potential audience of billions of people and a strictly limited token supply, demand for Extra Credit “XTRA” Tokens will increase exponentially over time - providing excellent value for ICO investors and Content Contributors who will earn XTRA Tokens via student enrolments in their online courses. Extra Credit will also have varying income earning streams through the platform which include:

  • Course Commission Fees for courses provided by Content Contributors
  • Paid Course Promotions from Contributors/Industry Sponsors
  • Paid Sponsorship Courses (for Free or paid courses to promote approved products/services)
  • Other income streams will be implemented further down the track however in the interests of being transparent it’s important for our token holders to know how these earnings will be attributed and reinvested to grow our platform and expand our reach.


Brief information about tokens
Token Token: XTRA
Price: 1 XTRA = 0.10 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Currencies that you can exchange: ETH, BTC, BTH, XMR, LTC
Minimal investment: 100 USD


Token Holder Benefits

As an added thank you to our Token Holders - all token holders will earn a lifetime discount for all courses provided on our platform. There are 3 levels of discounts offered:


You can obtain more detailed information about the project:

Website - https://extracredit.io/

Whitepaper - https://extracredit.io/PDF-Files/Extra-Credit-WP.pdf

BitcoinTalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2638162

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/extracredit.io/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BitcoinHomework

Telegram - https://t.me/ExtraCreditToken


Bitcointalk Username: vancuongdbj

Bitcointalk Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1667647
Telegram: https://t.me/vancuongdbj

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