• To date eCoinmic has raised over 47 million USD. More than 25 000+ users are registered on the platform, and our community exceeds over 100 000 participants.
  • 1 CNC is $ 0.12 now
  • CNC tokens will be distributed on the 1st of August 2018. At the same time, our platform will start to provide our new service in which users could purchase crypto currencies with VISA and MasterCard bank cards.
  • eCOinomic wish to thank ICO participants, partners, experts and other people who are sincere about the project. Your advice, opinions and criticism are very important for us. It helped us to develop and move forward

Unarguably,the evolution of block chain technology in our society cannot be over emphasized as its tremendous revolution has reached not just the social nor political sector but also the 
financial sector and has geared a profound technological shift that is changing how the world does business and everything especially in the banking and financial sectors.

The financial sector over time has been one of the major fore sectors,and development of the financial technology is one that cannot be over emphasized. There is great potential for blockchain technology in the banking/financial sector. This is very true when it comes to solving some of the major problems affecting the financial sector as we know it today.

A financial-driven society such as ours today is ladened with numerous opportunities and significantly improves the financial sector. This is however disrupted by the fact that the financial sector in each country is filled with loopholes at every phase of the process such as digital assets not widely recognized as financial assets which therefore cannot not serve as a means of collateral,selling and buying of cryotocurrencies becomes a risky business due to the high volatility rate, delay in getting loans in the banks, even creditors not willing to accept digital currencies/assets as pay-backs for loan they granted etc. These glitches partly lie in the low adoption of digital assets/currencies as a means of financial payments and settlements.

There are many projects that has been built on blockchain technology which seeks and focuses on disrupting the financial sector but however, failure became theirs as they couldn’t achieve a bit of the milestone underlying the financial sector. A future for an underlying public financial technology, hinging on blockchain becomes more and more needed. Hence, a new and advanced virtual banking and fin-tech, the “eCOINOMIC.NET” presents a new and convenient way to conduct business in the financial sector. This ecosystem boasts of being more than a traditional financial system,but rather an integrated ecosystem creating a global network that lends fiat money to 
individuals and small businesses using crypto assets as a collateral. Furthermore, bridges the barrier of digital assets selling to get loans, and however becomes a middleman between the financial institutions known as LENDERS and the individuals loaning money otherwise known as the BORROWERS thereby eliminating the risks and long processes involving loans. serves a body of trust between the duo.

WHAT IS eCOINOMIC.NET? is a digital platform that enables, ensures financial aids to crypto 
holders and financial institution through its blockchain technology. A game changer which has come to eliminate the gap unlying the lender and borrower�. This is however done in the following ways:



* Creating a mutual trust between the Lenders and the followers.

*Backing fiat loans by cryptocurrencies as collaterals

* Management and controlling of virtual and digital assets.

*Global Exchange platform

* Middleman between individual and financial institution (Borrower and lender)�t PLATFORM AND KEY PLAYERS

There are two key payers in the economy of namely:

* Lenders: These are major financial institutions, big hubs across the globes and families who provides some of their assets/funds and loans in fiat currencies.

* Borrowers: These borrowers are small scaled business enterprises or individuals who intend to receive loans(fiat currencies) using their crypto assets. However, users need to be holders of CNC tokens to use the platform, must be a registered member who must have gone through a mandatory KYC(know your client) process.

KEY FEATURES OF eCOINOMIC PLATFORM is indeed a game changer that has come to revolutionize the financial ecosystem through the blockchain technology.




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