Hello friends, I have not written anything for a long time, I was engaged in the selection of interesting projects. The Internet is now full of ICO and it is difficult to choose from all this mass of information something that is worthwhile. And so let's deal with the huge problem of crypto currency. What do you think is the biggest problem of crypto currency? In my opinion, a weak prevalence. Now, сrypto currency holders generally keep it only to increase capital. So far, we can not use it all the time, you will rarely find an institution where you can pay off a crypto currency. Unfortunately, this issue is very acute, I have often faced with such situations when I ran out of cash (fiat money) and I had to "withdraw" the crypto currency. As you know, crypto currency is very volatile, and money is needed at the most uncomfortable moment. Now I want to pay attention to those moments when we want to buy something, then go home, look for the exchanger, change the crypto currency for fiat and again stamp in the store. I have already had the experience and I can do it from the phone, among my familiar crypto holders there are several people who can do the same, but unfortunately they can be counted on the fingers. Crypto currency for ordinary people is something that is complex and incomprehensible. I often consult my friends and help them with the purchase of crypto currency. So, I really know what a pain it is for a person. So, how can I fix this? It is necessary that people have more desire to use crypto currency, it is necessary to make it as convenient as possible. But how? Look around, it's not profitable for anyone to use crypto currency, no one want anything to be changed. Therefore, everything must be taken into its own hands. Of course, we will not see payment by crypto currency soon in the street, in shops, hairdressing saloons, etc. But the 21st century has arrived, e-commerce is flourishing. Now I want to talk about online stores. Someone in the pursuit of hype has already introduced a crypto currency into the payment system in their stores. But these enthusiasts are scarcely any. Especially their stores are not included in the tops of the world's stores. So what do we need? In my opinion, we need a global platform, a world market, where we can acquire all possible goods for crypto currency. I think you have already known what I mean? Yes, now I'm talking about such venues as Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and so on. But why do not they switch to crypto currency? It's simple, these stores are from the last century. The technology of blockchain is flourishing and the future is for it. Who has ever thought about an online store, or trade with the above sites? Do you know how much it costs? How much money is needed to open your store on these sites.


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The project developers asked themselves a few questions. And their answers did not suit. They were like this:

  • To date, you can really buy only cryptocurrency for altcoins.
  • In the purchase of goods now involved three or four participants - the seller, the buyer, and their banks.
  • Cryptocurrency is actively used mainly by stock speculators.

The AlphaMarket project team decided to change the situation and create a platform on which goods and services can be paid for by various cryptocurrencies.

They called it a crypto-hypermarket and this is a new step in the trade. In terms of importance it is comparable to the appearance of the first online shops accepting electronic payments.

With the acceleration and cheapening of the Internet more deals are taking place in it. This makes it faster to process information and make decisions faster.

This is what helps to achieve the use of smart contracts that automate transactions and send money.

Eliminating intermediaries in the execution of transactions reduces not only the time for the operation, but also reduces its cost. Excluding all fees only gas for Ethereum remains.

The active participants in the platform are sellers and buyers. Administration resource is connected only when necessary, as an arbitrator to resolve disputes between the parties to the transaction.

Buyers choose and buy goods or services. They can choose the cryptocurrency from the seller's list. In addition, they can indicate in the personal account which goods they would like to purchase. Something like setting a stock exchange order to buy.

Buyers, if desired, leave feedback about the product and the seller. In case of dissatisfaction with the purchase, it is possible to initiate a dispute with the seller.

In a more complicated situation when the conflict cannot be resolved by itself the buyer creates a claim. At the same time, payment for the goods is blocked and the platform administration begins arbitration.

The buyer is encouraged by the platform for using internal resource tokens (AMC). He is credited with cash back of 1 to 3%.

In addition, the platform has a rating of reliability for customers. The higher the place in it, the more bonuses and privileges are available.

A seller can be a company or an individual who has decided to sell something once. The seller can put up for sale any quantity of goods.
For the placement of the announcement of the sale fee is not taken. Thanks to this, the entrance to the trade is worthless.

The commission is charged for each sale. The developers indicated the size of the commission - 5%.

For sellers created two ratings: a) reviews and b) trust. Feedback is defined as the average of all responses received to seller actions. Trust is calculated for all successful transactions and the time of the seller's presence on the platform. Ratings affect the period of receipt of money for the goods and the perception of buyers as a reliable supplier.

The algorithm of the participants of the platform is simple and understandable.

The seller indicates the value of the goods in a currency convenient for them. To level the fluctuations of the exchange rate, the price change function is available to him, but this is provided that the goods have not yet been ordered. For the same purpose, the price can be indicated in US dollars, and the cost will be automatically recalculated when ordering.

The parties agree on the delivery dates before payment. Delivery can be carried out only by the service with online order tracking.

Payment from the buyer for the goods goes to a special transit account of the platform. The seller receives a notification of the receipt of funds and sends the goods to the customer.

Seven days after the expiration of the appointed time, if there are no complaints from the buyer the money is transferred from the transit account to the seller.

The project runs on the Ethereum platform. The internal AMC token corresponds to the ERC20 standard. It will be used to pay for goods and services and also as a reward - sellers and buyers receive discounts when paying.

The project itself expects to receive revenue from advertising on the platform and commissions for transactions.

Token AMC will be put up for trading on crypto-exchanges. In addition, it can be purchased directly on the platform in the internal crypto-exchanger.

The start of the sale is April 16, 2018. The end is on October 1, 2018.
The cost of 1 AMC token is 0.00008 ETH.

The entire development team is Russian. Given how highly valued Russian specialists in the blockchain community are, this can be considered a good sign.

AlphaMarket is an interesting project in its fullness. If successful, it will be in demand by so many people and companies around the world.

The project adds reliability, transparency, and security to the already existing advantages of platforms that deal with e-commerce.

The use of smart contracts eliminates most of the problems associated with payment and performance of obligations.

The platform promises mutually beneficial cooperation to all participants of the ecosystem.

Platform workflow scheme



You know that the crypto currency is very volatile, and for online stores it is a big difficulty, because by putting a price today, tomorrow you can go into negative or the price will be simply huge. On the Alphamarket site, everything will be easier, the seller can set a price in any crypto currency and in dollars, and the site will be converted into crypto currency at the current exchange rate. This is a very cool solution for the crypto currency market.

For businesses, that is, for sellers there will be various paid services for promotion. For example, their ad will be in the top or else highlighted in different colors, or fixed on the page, I think there will be a lot of options. This will earn the site itself, because to support this site is just as expensive. Yes, by the way, when the seller issues a price, the site adds its percentage. Thus, the seller receives the value for which he wants to sell. The percentage added by site will go to cashback for buyers, to maintain the site and to profit, respectively. Now Alphamarket is conducting ICO where we can get tokens

AMC is at low prices, respectively, so we as holders of AMC tokens can then sell tokens much more expensive, because the price of tokens will grow with the development of the site. All the necessary links for studying the company I will attach under the article.

And so friends let's sum up: Alphamarket is a promising project. It can lead e-commerce to a new level. It will give the most convenient and profitable platform for sellers and buyers. And we as investors of this project invest not only in the site, but also in the development and popularization of crypto currencies in general. After all, a weak prevalence is a big problem, and thanks to the site millions of people will be able to keep the crypto currency and actively use it. By the way

technical documentation is written very competently, simply and clearly, I advise you to study it more detailed.

Ps: Remember that I give you only information and reason for reflection. I do not call for anything. Investments are always connected with risks, but who dares wins.

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